Metabolics Lifestyle Meals

The Metabolic Range is a premium healthy cuisine of fresh meals coming in a SET MENU.

You will enjoy 6 Different Recipes EVERY WEEK, and a complete new carte EVERY SEASON.

Designed to perfectly fit your lifestyle and fitness goals, they are designed by science and prepared with remarkable cuisine skills by a team of passionate Chefs.


Which Metabolics is made for you?

A : Advanced Meals: TO GROW

For the most experienced athletes who have a high energy expenditure and look for a muscle mass gain while getting the fuel to perform at their best potential.


B: Balanced Meals: TO MAINTAIN

Perfect harmony between macros to enjoy delicious meals while you nourish your body with the right nutrients. Enjoy our Chefs cuisine anytime, anywhere.

C: Complete Meals: TO LOSE FAT

With a High protein, high fat, low carbs profile, this combination will boost your metabolism to make you a fat-burning machine, and reduce your cravings.