Our approach - Lifestyle Meals

We love food. We love being healthy. And we have busy lives. Alpha Nutrition have designed a premium healthy cuisine of fresh meals coming in either A LA CARTE  (built your own) or a SET MENU, delivered to your home weekly.

You will enjoy 6 different recipes every week, and a complete new carte every season. No boring same meals weeks after weeks!!

Designed to perfectly fit your lifestyle and fitness goals, our meals are designed by science and prepared with remarkable cuisine skills by a team of passionate Chefs.


Which Metabolics is made for you?

A : Advanced Meals: TO GROW

For the most experienced athletes 

who have a high energy expenditure and look for a muscle mass gain while getting the fuel to perform at their best potential. Average 660  cal./meal.


B: Balanced Meals: TO MAINTAIN

Perfect harmony between macros to enjoy delicious meals while you nourish your body with the right nutrients. Enjoy our Chefs cuisine anytime, anywhere. Average 550 cal./meal.


C: Complete Meals: TO LOSE FAT

With a High protein, high fat, low carbs profile, this combination will boost your metabolism to make you a fat-burning machine, and reduce your cravings. Average 400 cal./meal.