• Metabolics are fresh home delivered meals coming in either A LA CARTE or a SET MENU, changing Weekly, of Fresh meals prepared in 3 Macros Ratios: A, B and C. They come in packs of 5, 10 or 12 meals per week. Cooked by  Chefs, their skilled kitchen staff, in a real kitchen. It is a premium service of Fine cuisine. We make healthy meals tasting beautiful.


2 What are the differences between A, B and C portions?

  • A is the largest portion, C is the smallest. The portions are not defined by genders or calories, but by INDIVIDUAL GOALS:
    • Menu A is for Athletes training a lot, looking at gaining muscle mass (50% of Carbs)
    • Menu B is for every day active Australians looking for Balanced meals (35% carbs)
    • Menu C is designed to support a healthy Weight Loss (30% carbs, smaller portion of protein than B)

3 When do I order and how?

  • All orders are to be made online on our website: alpha-nutrition.com.au.
  • Our cut off is every week on Monday at 5pm, for a delivery the following Sunday or Monday. This may be subject to changes and we recommend to check our delivery schedule before ordering.

4 When will my order be delivered?

  • Depending on your delivery address, meals will be delivered on Sunday or Monday between midnight and 7AM, Monday day between 7AM and 6PM, or Tuesday between 7AM and 6PM. You can check your suburb in the “Delivery Zones” page on our website

5 Do you cater for specific dietary requirements?

  • Yes, the Metabolics meals come in 4 Options:
    • Mainstream: mix of all sources of proteins (chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, fish, eggs, dairy…)
    • No Seafood: any seafood on the menu will be substituted with Chicken
    • No red meat: Beef and Lamb will be substituted with chicken
    • Vegetarian

6 How do I know which menu fits me the best?

  • The best way is to start with an EVOLT360 body scan. Your profile on Evolt Active will show you the ideal macros according to your goals
  • Ask your PT to show you how to read your Evolt360 scan
  • If you don’t have access to an Evolt360, your Personal Goal will define your ideal menu: A for athletic performances, B for every day balanced meals, C for weight loss.

7 How fresh are your meals?

  • All the ingredients are purchased weekly, and meals are cooked to orders. We source from the best local suppliers and get them delivered, prepared, cooked and pack in just few days.


8 Do you use Frozen ingredients or any additives?

  • No and no. We use absolutely no frozen ingredients, no premade sauces, no conservatives, no artificial colours or artificial flavours.